Lindorm 0.2 is on the way

I'm working on the next version of Lindorm as I write this.

These first few releases are going to be pretty close together, as I want to get it up to a nicely useable state for users as fast as possible, rather than wait and polish it for 6 months.

0.2 will have better login functionality and tracking, page view tracking, improved editing pages, multi-user logins, messaging between users, a development mode and a nicer maintenance-mode page.

In a later release I'll probably cook up some ajax functions for the admin panel so there is less reloading.

Also planned for a later release is integration with the CloudFlare API for handling banning of users and attempts at hacking.

If you have any questions or ideas for things you'd like to see, comment or send me an email at

Remember, the plan is to make Lindorm the go-to CMS for OpenBD (No testing will be done for other CFML engines, though it should work on Railo and ACF as well).

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