Lindorm 0.2 released!

Lindorm 0.2 has just been released!

This is the first update for Lindorm, it assumes a blank database when installing, there is currently no feature to automatically update your existing site to Lindorm 0.2

An update function is planned and will likely be released with Lindorm 0.3

Updates in 0.2 include:

- Support for MySQL and H2 - Multiple admin users - Simple user groups for admin users (Full access or Pages access) - Another template - Added development mode - Added maintenance mode - Tweaked the media manager, pages editor, menu editor - Added user editor

Version 0.3 (Not released) will include: - More user support - Increased security with built-in support for CloudFlare - User messaging - Automatic password reset/email function

And more to be announced later on.

Remember that Lindorm is in Alpha status, I do my best to test for bugs before release but if you find any, please let me know on here or on our Facebook page

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