First post, an introduction and a little about Lindorm


My name is Marcus Fernstrom, I'm the creator of the Lindorm CMS.

I use and love OpenBD, it's fast, easy to use and secure. At a few times I've gone looking for a CMS to use, and found a number of them, but all had issues running on OpenBD, some wouldn't install, some needed lots of tweaks and TLC to get going, and some would seem fine until you started using it, at which point it breaks spectacularly.

I wasn't going to abandon OpenBD just for a CMS so after swearing a while I decided that a more productive solution would be do something about it.

And thus Lindorm was born.

The plan is straight forward, to create a fully featured CMS that runs on OpenBD with no muss or fuss while not sacrificing functionality, speed, or security.

I'm putting the finishing touches on release 0.1 right now and it should be available within a few days.

It should be considered an Alpha release, lacking functionality and probably have bugs.

0.1 is not meant for live websites, but can give you an idea of what I'm going for.

So far we have basic templating, a simple media (Image) handler, page editor and a menu editor.

It'll come with a few templates to act as examples, and I'll be writing up documentation for using all aspects of Lindorm CMS.

There's a wiki and a forum here at, and I welcome feedback and ideas for improvements.

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