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Lindorm CMS Issue: Shows installation page always

Name: Shows installation page always
ID: 3
Project: Lindorm CMS
Type: Enhancement
Area: Front End
Severity: Normal
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Pradeep
Created: 04/17/13 3:31 AM
Updated: 04/18/13 9:44 AM
Description: When a user is installed Lindorm software successfully then user It would be better if user is redircted to login page. Currently software shows installation page and we try to reinstall throws error.
History: Created by pradeep (Pradeep) : 04/17/13 3:31 AM

Updated by MarcusF (Marcus Fernstrom) : 04/18/13 9:44 AM
Issue does not occur when using OpenBD.

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