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Lindorm CMS Issue: CF error

Name: CF error
ID: 4
Project: Lindorm CMS
Type: Bug
Area: Administration
Severity: Normal
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Pradeep
Created: 04/17/13 3:35 AM
Updated: 04/18/13 9:44 AM
Description: To replicate error

1. go to admin page
2.click on pages link

Error details

The specified CFC functions could not be found.
page:admin/pages.cfm line no:50

History: Created by pradeep (Pradeep) : 04/17/13 3:35 AM

Updated by MarcusF (Marcus Fernstrom) : 04/18/13 9:44 AM
Issue does not occur when using OpenBD.

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