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Welcome to Lindorm CMS!

Documentation for Lindorm 0.1 Hatchling

Documentation for Lindorm 0.2 Hatchling

The idea for Lindorm CMS grew out of frustration with existing CMS solutions, I wanted a simple to install, simple to use CMS that would run on OpenBD, but after looking and not finding anything that didn't require coaxing to work (If at all), I decided to do something about it rather than complain.

My hope is that the Lindorm CMS will become the go-to CMS for developers and users running OpenBD.

There are currently no plans to test Lindorm on any platform other than OpenBD engine.

My name is Marcus Fernstrom, I'm a web developer who happen to love working with OpenBD. Lindorm is a one-man project, so I apologize for the hastily put together documentation and code-quality of this first release.